Simply Faster

The Presto 30 is a wolf in rather unusual sheep’s clothing.
Her freestanding cat-ketch rig, sharpie-style profile and centerboard design are not what most associate with a high-performance sailboat. Yet that is just what she is. From the drawing board of Rodger Martin Design, renowned for the winners of international events such as OSTAR and the BOC challenge, Presto combines a traditional heritage with high-tech materials and cutting edge design.
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Simply Safer

A centerboard safer? You bet.
Anyone familiar with the work of the legendary Commodore Ralph Munroe (designer of the original Presto), knows of the myriad safety advantages of centerboard boats, particularly when operating in shoal areas as most of us do. Anyone who has ever gone aground in keelboat (and as they say “if you haven’t been aground you haven’t been around”) can personally attest to the same.
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Simply Smarter

Presto’s free-standing rig means no heavy and complicated rigging.
Her easily driven hull and efficient sail-plan make her startlingly fast and a snap to sail - tack without touching a line. Winches are not even needed. A huge cockpit gives plenty of room for sailing - or sleeping.You can even choose a pilothouse version (nice on the ICW in November!). She can be trailered behind a conventional vehicle and launched by a couple.
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Simply Better

Exceptional design, exceptional construction.
It’s not only Presto’s innovative design that makes her exceptional, but her superb construction. She is the product of collaboration between two American boat builders justly famous for their work - Maine’s Ryder Boats and Derecktor Shipyards of New York.. Each builder brings their particular expertise to the Presto 30, making her a true American original, particularly in this day of off-the-rack production boats.
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